Holiday Decorating - Now's the Time!

Yes, now.  Not 3 days ago... chill.  

Hey, remember when I said I was going to blog more?  I forgot.  Anyway, it's November 25th, and my husband put the Christmas tree up yesterday.  Anyone else have a husband obsessed with decorating for every holiday like mine?  I don't like clutter, so I'm not as into it as him.  If he could, he'd decorate for every. single. one.  This is not a joke.  Either way, we woke up yesterday, and he was in the attic within an hour pulling the tree down.  Despite the fact that our family is still here trying to visit...  I thought I'd share my thought process while putting all of these decorations up.  

Make It Match

Get outta here with your farmhouse/art deco/traditional hodge-podge of decorations.  Sorry, y'all, but it's tacky.  Pick a theme, and stick to it.  Not everyone has to like it, but at least you need to.  I suggest picking a few "themed" pieces that you're into for a few years, but spend the bulk of your money on classics that you can use for a good while.  My theme is a little Dr. Seuss-like, but I dig it.  I went with silver, red, and turquoise.  Why?  Because my year-round pop of color in my common areas are turquoise and yellow, so I just replace the yellow pillows and candles with red ones during the winter.  Now my tree and decorations match the rest of my house and don't look out of place. 


Less is More

This might be a personal opinion, but it shouldn't surprise anyone.  My mom is here and keeps telling me that my walls are too bare.  I disagree, and I feel the same way about decorations.  Just because you have them doesn't mean you have to put them all up every year.  I accumulate Christmas decorations as gifts every year.  My mother-in-law LOVES the holidays.  That's definitely where my husband's enthusiasm comes from.  I love the contributions, but I never have them all out at once.  You're going to have this stuff up for at least a month.  Swap some items out halfway through.  It'll just keep you into it, so you'll last until New Year's (or December 26th if you're me).  Do I sound cynical? 


It's Okay to Move Furniture Around

I actually have a pretty hard time with this.  Everything has a place in my house, and moving those places is a pain.  However, it's our only option during the holidays.  Off of my living room has always been a little sitting area that we usually put the tree.  It's the perfect spot.  We turned that area into an office a few months ago, though, so we lost our tree spot this year.  Instead, we took our breakfast table out to the garage temporarily, and that's the tree's home this year.  Because of the layout of our house and the size of our tree, we're pretty limited on options.  This works!  Don't be afraid to rearrange temporarily or pull some pieces into other rooms (including the garage).  How often do you even sit at that table anyway?? 


'Tis the season, y'all!