Check It Off Your [Christmas] List

Does Christmas shopping make you as anxious as it makes me?  I don't like crowds, so Cyber Monday is where it's at for me.  Keeping things organized definitely helps. 

IMG_1172 (1).jpg

Every year, I pull out the ruler and some markers to lay out all of my shopping on one page.  This helps give me the full picture of what needs to be purchased, and I can physically check things off the list as I purchase.  We all know how much I like lists.  I could use the Notes app like a normal person in 2017, but that's no fun for my little organizer self. 

IMG_1175 (1).jpg

I put my budget at the top of the list, so it's clear to me while I pick out gifts. I list everyone that I need to buy for on the page, and I also estimate the costs for each person.  Not only is this helpful for staying on budget, but it also helps me make sure I'm spending fairly on each person.  Oh!  And how often do you forget about the stockings until the night before?!  Add them to the graph, so you won't forget them. 

How do you stay organized for holiday shopping?  Share your tips below!