5 Tips for Quick Home "Staging"

Sometimes you have to stage your home for a move.  Sometimes you have to “stage” your home because your mom is coming over, and she’ll for sure judge you.  Here are some quick tips for throwing the place together before Mom gets there. 

Clean the dishes/load the dishwasher. 

This seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how many people loathe doing dishes and just put that task off.  DO THEM.  Not only do they stink, but dirty dishes bring in the fruit flies here in Central Texas.

Declutter the fridge. 

While I’m all about having a tidy fridge on the inside, I’m actually referring to the outside here.  Take all of the photos, magnets, coupons, and art work off.  The clutter on the fridge can distract from that clean sink!

Clear off and wipe down the flat surfaces. 

By flat surfaces I mean the tables, counters, and island.  Having paperwork, dishes, and other clutter piling up only leaves you overwhelmed.

Straighten up. 

Fluff the pillows on the couch, fold the blankets, and pick the shoes and dog toys up off of the floor.  Having clear floors and place to sit that doesn’t look like it’s already occupied makes your visitors feel welcome.

Make it smell good. 

Whether that’s by lighting a candle, plugging in a Wallflower, or having a fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers, a house that smells good totally tricks people into thinking it’s cleaner than it really is.  

Since it’s Mother’s Day weekend, forward this list on to your husband.  You deserve it.  Even if you’re just a dog mom.