Me, Dana, and Jenny in college - cheering on the team that filled our hearts with disappointment yesterday.

Me, Dana, and Jenny in college - cheering on the team that filled our hearts with disappointment yesterday.

HEY PARTY PEOPLE! Where have you been?! It’s been exactly 10 months since my last post, so I thought now was a good time to hop back on with the little boost of inspo I got yesterday.

Yesterday, I had brunch with one of my very best friends that lives across the country. She was in town, so she asked me and another friend to meet up for brunch to catch up. Three hours pass by, and we’re in deep conversation about hard life shit. Not the easy “how’s work?” or “have you talked to so-and-so?” I’m talking about the real stuff. I left brunch thinking, “man, I really enjoyed that. I’m really glad Dana was able to connect us all again.” I’ve known Jenny for years, and we’ve been friends since the first time we met. We live in the same city, but we never got to the point in our friendship where we do things one-on-one. However, I really enjoyed talking with her yesterday (just like I do every time). I enjoyed hearing about her life, her struggles, her goals. I enjoyed hearing Dana’s thoughts on the same thing.

I really value perspective. I like to hear multiple sides to a story. I like to hear the why. I like to understand where other people are at in their lives and why they’re doing something a certain way. Had it not been for our mutual relationship with Dana, I probably would have never discussed these things with Jenny.

DJ Khaled and Drake might disagree with my mindset, but have you ever realized how you meet new people? Is it usually through other people? Do you like that, or would you rather stick with your OG group your whole life? As much as I can be anti-social and a total asshole in certain situations, it’s always such a refreshing feeling after I’ve had an interesting conversation with someone new or someone I haven’t spoken to in a while. With each person I devote the time to get to know, even if it’s for a short while, a new perspective I gain. I feel like these are the moments I really reflect on to grow as a person, as a leader, a future mom, a wife, etc. This is where I get the skills to handle certain situations or conversations.

I started to reflect on all of the relationships I’ve developed over the last year or so. Some are because Brandon and I both started new jobs, and I was forced to meet new people. Others are because I joined a friend for dinner and met their other friends. Whatever the situation may be, I consistently learn something new, and that’s how people grow.

I challenge you to take the time to get to know someone new this week. Make a new connection that can help you grow as a person or open your mind to an idea that you’re unsure of. Maybe take your relationship with someone to the next level. Either way - take the time to develop yourself through others.